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Tonny Moser, Artist, Painter of the Okanagan

Tonny Moser, Painter of the Okanagan

For almost 30 years,

Tonny Moser captured the stunning beauty of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia in her radiant and colourful pastel paintings. Though known as “The Painter of the Okanagan”, she touched many hearts with her portraits of both people and animals, flowers, as well as architectural commissions such as private homes, farms, and historical buildings.

Tonny received a Master's Degree with a double major in drawing and fashion design from the Royal Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in The Hague, Holland. In Canada, she worked exclusively with dry pastels, applying layer upon layer to achieve dimensional depth, freshness, luminosity, and brilliant colour. Dry pastel offers no room for errors and larger works often took 3 - 4 months to painstakingly complete.

Her Annual Solo Show, a tradition since 1983, became a great attraction for art collectors and art lovers. Each year, Tonny’s birthday fell during The Show and she always enjoyed her special “traditional birthday weekend”, visiting with all who came to see her and of course her well-known prints, her new feature print, and her most recent originals.

Many homes hold one or more of Tonny's beautiful prints or original pastel paintings as her works are so dearly cherished by people throughout Canada. Her work has graced the covers of many books and brochures and her limited edition prints are collected and sent all over the world.

Tonny was an enthusiastic ambassador for the Okanagan Valley and her positive outlook on life affected everyone she met; she always shared her art to help people see the beauty around them, inspiring them to a higher level of spiritual understanding and appreciation of this exquisite paradise in which we live. Tonny's talent will continue to bring joy through her Okanagan Print Series.
Artwork by Tonny Moser